Company History

Bud Brown founded Manufacturing Services, Inc. after spending many years in the field of electronics manufacturing. With his strong dedication and commitment to quality products, he built his company based on two key principles: delivering top-quality products and providing superior customer service.

  • 1979 – With 27 years of manufacturing experience, Bud Brown starts Manufacturing Services, Inc.
  • 1997 – Fred Menke joins the company, bringing 15 years experience in electronic assembly and establishes the company’s first surface mount technology assembly line.
  • 1998 – Michael Brown joins the team with 25 years of experience in production, inventory control and operations management.
  • 2000- Engineering Services group established with the addition of Steve Allen
  • 2006 – Bud Brown retires and Michael Brown takes over as president.
  • 2017 – Michael Brown sells Manufacturing Services Inc. to Chuck S. Pak and retires in July of that year. Mr. Pak, now president of MSI, took ownership of the company with over 20 years of engineering and engineering management experience in the semiconductor industry.

Along with building a well-trained and focused team, the management at Manufacturing Services has continually expanded and upgraded their equipment and processes to keep pace with technological advances in the industry.  Since 2006, Manufacturing Services has:

  • Added new pick and place machines greatly increasing the production capacity while enhancing the technological capability;
  • Added additional design engineers to the team;
  • Added lead free process and dual pot wave solder machine;
  • Transitioned to an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Quality Management System;
  • Added in-house conformal coating capabilities;
  • Added flying-probe test services;
  • Added automated optical inspection (AOI);
  • Added a C3 high tech ionic contamination tester for process monitoring