What Does an Electronics Manufacturing Company Do?

What does an electronics manufacturing company do? An electronics manufacturing company designs, tests, manufactures, and distributes electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers. At Manufacturing Services, we pride ourselves in keeping current with the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of manufacturing technologies. We provide quality engineering and electronic assemblies for a wide variety of industries including medical, communications, environmental, transportation, agricultural, and military.

At Manufacturing Services, we provide a number of solutions to address our clients’ electronics needs, from product manufacturing through testing:

Procurement & Inventory Management
Driven by our clients’ bill of materials and component specifications, we procure, receive, inspect, store, kit, replenish, and pay for the materials going into each product. This service saves our clients time and worry, because they know that their quality electronic assemblies will be delivered on time.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly
We offer the assembly of quick-turn prototypes, short production runs, and high-volume production runs all to suit the needs of our customers.

Box Build
Our clients can use our turnkey processes to combine printed circuit board assemblies, wire harnesses, mechanical assemblies, and testing.

We offer functional testing services using customer-supplied procedures and unique fixtures. Performing the functional test assures that only fully operational assemblies pass through to our clients and their customers.

Beginning with the initial transfer of customer data into our resource planning system, through the material procurement, production, test and inspection processes, Manufacturing Services is completely focused on customer satisfaction. Our team of experienced professional technicians and engineers are highly trained and motivated to support the unique and stringent requirements of our customers, and we always strive consistently to exceed our customers’ highest expectations.