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Wednesday, May 6th, 2015



What Does an Electronics Manufacturing Company Do?

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

What does an electronics manufacturing company do? An electronics manufacturing company designs, tests, manufactures, and distributes electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers. At Manufacturing Services, we pride ourselves in keeping current with the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of manufacturing technologies. We provide quality engineering and electronic assemblies for a wide variety of industries including medical, communications, environmental, transportation, agricultural, and military.

At Manufacturing Services, we provide a number of solutions to address our clients’ electronics needs, from product manufacturing through testing:

Procurement & Inventory Management
Driven by our clients’ bill of materials and component specifications, we procure, receive, inspect, store, kit, replenish, and pay for the materials going into each product. This service saves our clients time and worry, because they know that their quality electronic assemblies will be delivered on time.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly
We offer the assembly of quick-turn prototypes, short production runs, and high-volume production runs all to suit the needs of our customers.

Box Build
Our clients can use our turnkey processes to combine printed circuit board assemblies, wire harnesses, mechanical assemblies, and testing.

We offer functional testing services using customer-supplied procedures and unique fixtures. Performing the functional test assures that only fully operational assemblies pass through to our clients and their customers.

Beginning with the initial transfer of customer data into our resource planning system, through the material procurement, production, test and inspection processes, Manufacturing Services is completely focused on customer satisfaction. Our team of experienced professional technicians and engineers are highly trained and motivated to support the unique and stringent requirements of our customers, and we always strive consistently to exceed our customers’ highest expectations.

We now have two fully complete SMT lines!

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

We are about to put the cap on another successful year here at Manufacturing Services Incorporated. We continue to grow as our valued customers continue to develop new and improved products to add to the market. As this occurs, in order to keep pace with customer growth, we continue to add employees and high tech equipment to produce these products.

We have implemented a restructuring of current staff as well as adding experienced personnel from outside our organization. All of this movement in personnel is designed for continual quality improvement in our daily work processes.

Along with the recent stellar performance in our most recent ISO 9001:2008 audit we have added new equipment including:
• Juki KE-730L placement machine ( our second such model)
• Heller Model 1812SS-II, 12 Zone reflow oven (Lead Free Approved)

Another unit we will soon be receiving is:
• EKRA X4 Screen Printer ( automated and self-aligning for quality placement of solder paste)

These acquisitions create two fully complete SMT lines. One of these lines which include the Juki 730 and the Juki 2060 are trolley feeder friendly. Trolley feeders allow SMT operators to load offline while a current job is running, thereby speeding up the quick turn process of SMT board placement.

Another highlight for our organization was a quality assurance/technical audit that was performed this past summer by Pacific Northwest National Library (PNNL). MSI is now listed on the PNNL Evaluated Suppliers Listing (ESL) and into the Battelle Integrated Supplier Information System (ISIS) as having an implemented quality assurance/technical program to ISO-9001L2008, Quality Management Systems-Requirements for the design and manufacturing of electronic assemblies and products.

ISO 9001:2008 Registered Quality Management Systems

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Good customer service requires adherence to a set of best practice standards to ensure that every client, in every interaction, receives the kind of quality care you’ve built your business around. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) guidelines encompass the requirements of a quality management system, and provide tools to consistently meet stakeholder needs. ISO 9001:2008 Registered Quality Management Systems are currently the only quality management systems that can be certified. This, alone, demonstrates to your customers that your business is dedicated to a higher level of quality and customer care.

The ISO 9001:2008 standards provide best practice guidelines for training, systems management and a focus on continued, overall improvement. Quality management systems certification programs identify the steps required for companies to operate at maximum efficiency. The end-user is ensured reliable, consistent results, and easy, intuitive mapping to the source of any issues that may arise. The opportunity to continually improve is the primary goal of ISO quality management systems certification, because continuous improvement guarantees that the client stays on the crest of industry change and their program can be constantly optimized for best performance.

Whether large or small, no matter what the industry, ISO quality management systems will benefit any business. As a matter of fact, ISO quality management systems guidelines are used by over one million companies in over 170 countries, worldwide.

Key Features of ISO 9001:2008 Registered Quality Management Systems

The eight fundamentals of quality management systems certification is, at heart, just basic good business. Is your company focused on goal orientation, systems management and constant improvement now and for the future? If so, your organization is already well on its way to meeting the guidelines for certification.

Standards include:

Ensuring products and services meet customer and legal regulations and requirements
Increased productivity and efficiency of workflow and workforce
Enhanced morale and job satisfaction for staff
Improved, overall systemic performance
Reduction in overall errors and accidents
Development of methods for measuring progress, utilizing milestones and benchmarks for success
Improving processes, to lessen the impact of individual people
Focus on prevention of errors instead of correction
Maintain relevancy to clients and customers by demonstrating the importance of working with companies who have achieved ISO standards certification


In any system, it’s vital to check in periodically to ensure that everything is working at its best. One of cornerstones of ISO 9001:2008 Registered Quality Management Systems is the audit process. Independent certification bodies can be hired for this, or businesses may invite their clients to audit the system, themselves.


Although ISO does not, itself, certify organizations, there are many outside accredited certification bodies (CB) that exist. These certification bodies operate under the quality standard of ISO/IEC 17021. Upon completion of the certification process, an ISO compliance certificate is issued. While, technically, certification is for ISO 9001:2008 standards, the process and endorsement is sometimes referred to as ISO 9000.

To receive certification, an organization is audited across a spectrum of performance, including its sites, functions, processes, products and services. A list of problems (also referred to as “nonconformities”, “observations” or “opportunities for improvement”) is presented to a company’s administration by an auditor. The organization then provides a plan for corrective action (how the problems will be resolved). Once this has been completed, or if there are no issues to be corrected, the certification body will issue a certificate.

To maintain certification, a company must undergo an audit at intervals recommended by the certification body. The standard interval is every three years.

Thank you to our customers

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

December 2011:

As another year slips by, we at Manufacturing Services would like to thank our many loyal customers for their continued trust. We value your business (and the referrals you provide from time to time), but mostly we appreciate the relationships that we have built over the years.

2011 has been another year of growth and record sales. As it outlines in our Mission Statement, we continued this year to invest in our people, processes, and technology. Hi-lights include:

  • five new employees with a focus on enhancing our test department and overall expertise in the increasingly more technical manufacturing processes
  • addition of AOI (automatic optical inspection) from YESTECH
  • C3 cleanliness tester (Ion chromatography) from Foresite
  • Successful ISO9001:2008 surveillance audit with zero nonconformances

In celebration of this successful year and so that we can rest up for the demands of 2012, Manufacturing Services will be closed for the holidays beginning December 23, 2011 and returning Tuesday January 3, 2012.